Online Opera Learning

This page provides resources for educators, students and the community to learn about opera and the arts world surrounding this art form. Have fun exploring and learning about opera!

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ACCESS OPERA Units are created so anyone can use them to learn about opera or share with students, regardless of the level of your music skills or knowledge of opera.

Austin Opera’s ACCESS OPERA Units include a multi-media PowerPoint with accompanying PDF Lesson materials.

ACCESS OPERA: PowerPoints include:

  • Animated Listening Maps
  • Background Pages (in English and Spanish)
  • Notated Themes with audio
  • Interactive real-time assessment questions
  • Links to Live Performances

ACCESS OPERA: PDF Lesson materials include:

  • Story Synopsis
  • Background info in English and Spanish
  • Wall Posters
  • Notated Themes
  • Performance Activity Pages
  • Audience Etiquette Guide
  • Composer Portrait
  • Vocabulary


Go to the MORE OPERA LEARNING RESOURCES page to find some great introductory activities and information about opera.


To continue your study of a specific opera, click on the ORANGE buttons below. You will find lots of additional materials to extend your learning.