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Winter Journey is part of the Sarah & Ernest Butler Performance Series.

Based on 24 poems by Wilhelm Müller, Winterreise (“Winter Journey”) follows a heartbroken poet on an existential trek across heavy snows and frozen creeks of a German winter. David Adam Moore stars in this visually striking production, which uses 3D projection mapping designed by the NYC-based multimedia art collective GLMMR, to fuse the worlds of fine art, photography, visual technology, and live performance. Austin Opera’s Principal Coach & Pianist Nyle Matsuoka joins Moore at the piano, Victoria (Vita) Tzykun designs costumes and scenery, and Maxwell Bowman designs the lighting.

“We wanted to take this powerful musical story out of the recital hall and into a multi-faceted performance format that offers the listener a chance to experience the work visually, dramatically, and musically, but while also preserving the cycle’s inherent intimacy and subtlety,” says Moore. “It incorporates video that we shot in various locations throughout the country, including Times Square, the Bonneville Salt Flats, a cheap hotel room in Houston, a blizzard in Brooklyn, and a graveyard in Des Moines. It is a constantly evolving project. After presentations in NYC, Atlanta, Anchorage, Houston, and Des Moines, we continue to introduce new elements of video, set, and costume design for each new audience that sees it.”

Winterreise will be sung in German with projected English texts, and produced as a special immersive video project alongside our partners, Austin technology firm Subvrsive as part of Austin Opera’s Blue Starlite Drive-In Series.