Opera Treasure Chest

Opera Treasure Chest is a free program that includes TEKS-aligned interactive lesson plans culminating in a live opera performance for students in grades K-5. Each lesson comes with the materials teachers need to help students experience opera while reinforcing writing skills, critical thinking and creativity. Activities can easily be integrated into a variety of Blended Learning Models for the music room or any arts integrated classroom. Teachers at participating schools “check out” treasure chests full of opera-related materials— including puppets, lesson plans, books, flash cards, and much more. TEKs areas addressed by the Opera Treasure Chest include music, theatre, art, language arts, and health education. If you have any questions, please contact Andréa Ochoa, Director of Education & Community Impact at 512.610.7686 or
[email protected].

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Opera Treasure Chest Materials

  • What is Opera, Anyway? PowerPoint: This PowerPoint is provided to accompany LESSON 1: What is Opera, Anyway? From the Opera Treasure Chest Binder. It features illustrations from the book Bravo! Bravo! A Night at the Opera. This PowerPoint introduces students to opera vocabulary and the many different careers associated with the art form.
  • Opera Treasure Chest Curriculum – Here is the complete Lesson & Resources Binder in digital form. Although these resources reference materials in the Opera Treasure Chest, many of the lessons can be modified and used in any classroom with students Grades K-5.


“The Opera Treasure Chest was a great ‘hook’ for getting kids past their preconceived notions about opera. Knowing that opera tells a story, that both boys and girls can participate, that there are lots of people doing so many artistic things to get ready for a performance, these were all invaluable lessons for my kids.”
– Christopher Koenig, Herrington Elementary, Round Rock ISD

“My kids absolutely loved the twists to some of the operas that we read and learned about. Great resource!”
– Janett Cavasos, Ridgetop Elementary, AISD

“The Opera Treasure chest has been fun! My 2nd graders won’t stop talking about opera in the halls. I think they’re going to be disappointed that it’s gone next time they come to music!”
– Nathalie Schiele, Bryker Woods, AISD