Opera Treasure Chest

Opera Treasure Chest is a free program that includes TEKS-aligned interactive lesson plans culminating in a live opera performance (currently virtual) for students in grades K-5. Each lesson comes with the materials teachers need to help students experience opera while reinforcing writing skills, critical thinking and creativity. Activities can easily be integrated into a variety of Blended Learning Models for the music room or any arts integrated classroom. Teachers at participating schools “check out” treasure chests full of opera-related materials— including printed lesson plans, DVDs, books, and puppets. TEKs areas addressed by the Opera Treasure Chest include music, theatre, art, language arts, and health education. Contact education@austinopera.org to schedule this program for your school.

Opera Treasure Chest Materials

  • What is Opera, Anyway? PowerPoint: This PowerPoint is provided to accompany LESSON 1: What is Opera, Anyway? From the Opera Treasure Chest Binder. It features illustrations from the book Bravo! Bravo! A Night at the Opera. This PowerPoint introduces students to opera vocabulary and the many different careers associated with the art form.
  • Opera Treasure Chest Curriculum – Here is the complete Lesson & Resources Binder in digital form. Although these resources reference materials in the Opera Treasure Chest, many of the lessons can be modified and used in any classroom with students Grades K-5.


“The Opera Treasure Chest was a great ‘hook’ for getting kids past their preconceived notions about opera. Knowing that opera tells a story, that both boys and girls can participate, that there are lots of people doing so many artistic things to get ready for a performance, these were all invaluable lessons for my kids.”
– Christopher Koenig, Herrington Elementary, Round Rock ISD

“My kids absolutely loved the twists to some of the operas that we read and learned about. Great resource!”
– Janett Cavasos, Ridgetop Elementary, AISD

“The Opera Treasure chest has been fun! My 2nd graders won’t stop talking about opera in the halls. I think they’re going to be disappointed that it’s gone next time they come to music!”
– Nathalie Schiele, Bryker Woods, AISD