Mission & DEI Statements

Austin Opera Mission

Austin Opera leverages the multidisciplinary, collaborative, and transcendent power of opera to increase the quality of life for our diverse community by:

  • Bringing together local and national artists to create outstanding, meaningful operatic performances and experiences
  • Partnering with local schools and community groups to provide robust, responsive educational programs that inspire and engage
  • Leading the development of new, innovative strategies that increase the scope and impact of the operatic medium in Austin and beyond

Austin Opera's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At Austin Opera, we believe that opera has a unique ability to provide insights into our shared humanity and connection to one another. We believe that opera can transcend the polarization of our current day-to-day existence to elevate dialogue, promote listening, and build understanding. We also believe that to honor the diversity of our community, it’s essential that our storytelling represent the human experience from many more perspectives.

We know that when a workplace is welcoming and inclusive, it makes a tangible difference in the art that is created. We know that diverse perspectives strengthen our institution.

We are therefore committed to the following:

  • building an organization and workforce that reflect the cultural diversity of our community
  • sharing stories and musical experiences that are representative of our community
  • ensuring an inclusive environment where our artists and staff can do their best work
  • responsibly stewarding the creation of new operatic experiences that broaden and diversify the storytelling in our genre
  • actively building relationships with individuals and organizations not currently served by our programming
  • measuring our progress and sharing our results
  • consistently learning and evolving