Opera ATX Residency for Latinx Creatives

The Opera ATX Residency for Latinx Creatives will provide a unique workshopping space to advance projects that will expand the scope of operatic storytelling. Over the course of a season (September – May), a Latinx composer and collaborator will have the opportunity to work with the Austin Opera artistic staff on the development of an operatic project, including monthly meetings via zoom and an intensive 7-10 day period in Austin TX to work in-person with up to 10 artists selected from the Austin Opera Orchestra, Austin Opera Teaching Artists, and Austin Opera Chorus. Each residency will be tailored to fit the needs of the creative team and their project, which may be a completely new work or a work already in progress.

The ultimate goal of The Opera ATX Residency for Latinx Creatives is to broaden the storytelling of the operatic canon to better include the experiences and perspectives of the Latinx community, which for the purposes of this program includes individuals with heritage from Latin America, South America, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. The creative teams that will participate in the inaugural Opera ATX Residencies for Latinx Creatives. Composer Carlos Castro and librettist Alejandra Martinez will advance their new opera, El rebozo, during the 2023-2024 Season; and composer Jorge Sosa and librettist John de los Santos will workshop a new one-act opera, Ofrenda, during the 2024-2025 Season. Both works are being developed in English and Spanish.

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