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Check out the materials below to experience Beethoven’s musical masterpiece and engage with the exciting world of opera!  Many of the resources here can easily be included in Blended Learning classrooms. If you have questions or don’t find what you are looking for, we can help! Contact us at [email protected]. 


access opera: "fidelio" curriculum

Austin Opera’s Access Opera: Fidelio  curriculum is an innovative multi-media based unit, complete with TEKS aligned lessons, activities, assessments and video excerpts. This curriculum is designed so you can teach Fidelio  in the time frame that works best for you and your students. Teach it in chunks. Include activities in your favorite blended learning model.  

Sample timeline:

  • Day 1 – Background (composer info, synopsis) and first listen of featured music selection
  • Day 2 – Listen a 2nd time, including suggested activities/assessments from the lesson in a station rotation or playlist.
  • Day 3 & beyond – Listen to some of the alternate versions; try a new activity/assessment; explore SEL connection; review Audience Etiquette materials 

about austin opera's production


  • Music by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Libretto by Joseph von Sonnleithner
  • In German with projected English titles
  • An opera in 2 acts 
  • Approximately 2 hours in length with one 25-minute intermission 


Visit the “Fidelio” opera page and click on the CAST & PRODUCTION tab to learn more about the cast and production team. 

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